4 Reasons to Use Digital Printing

Digital printing is a valuable tool that is sometimes overlooked in the business world, yet it provides businesses with many opportunities that traditional offset printing methods simply do not. Traditional methods require plates, film, etc. that add time and money to an order.  We’ve outlined some reasons why businesses should consider digital printing for their project needs.

  • Quantity
    First and foremost, digital printing allows businesses flexibility in regards to the amount of prints that they can order. Oftentimes, businesses order more prints than they will likely need and more than 30% of the order is wasted. With digital printing, you can have the ability to order quantities specific to your needs and choose custom sizes.
  • Lead Times
    Businesses can get their orders quickly and rest assured the final product will meet their expectations. Orders such as a company brochures or a request for last minute business cards can be placed and received in just days.
  • Multiple Versions
    Digital printing gives the freedom to print different versions of a particular piece. This is useful for companies seeking to test multiple markets for effectiveness before selecting a final design.
  • Personalization
    Having a personal connection with your clients can prove to be invaluable. Variable Data Printing (VDP) can integrate personal databases with designs to make each piece have its own content unique to your client. In other words, every printed piece can be personalized to be more attractive to the person receiving it, ultimately leading to higher response rates.

The benefits that digital printing can provide to businesses both large and small are immeasurable not to mention more eco-friendly. While digital printing may not solve all business needs, it certainly is a practical option that should be considered for those with smaller budgets and/or smaller runs.

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